Here are a few links I’d love to share with you.

These are some of my favorite websites and family-friendly YouTube channels that I think you and your family will enjoy. When visiting these sites, I’d be grateful if you’d mention that you saw them on!

If you have any awesome links that you’d like to share with our readers, please do so in the comments. Thanks, and enjoy!

YouTube Channels:

This is Backyard Birdlady’s birding and wildlife channel. Watch birds and other wildlife that visit our backyard. You can even see us safely release a skunk that mistakenly got into our groundhog trap. More videos will be added as time permits.

Davids TV is a great Family-Friendly channel featuring lots of Power Wheels, Halloween Animatronics, Toys,  Challenge videos & more! Dylan and Jagger love Halloween and have a huge collection of Halloween Animatronics!

This is Davids TV newest Family-Friendly Gaming channel just for kids & adults alike, featuring Roblox, Minecraft, & Lego.

Pink Pop TV is another Family-Friendly channel featuring American Girl Dolls, Barbie, Snap Chat Fun, & much more! Aviana & Summerlin are a true reflection of what is fun & exciting in today’s world!



The Cornell Lab of Ornithology features a live webcam on location at Sapsucker Woods in Ithaca, NY. Once you start watching this cam it’s hard to stop. They have a great mega feeding station set-up and attract so many birds all day long.

Janell at JK Wimberly Design is the amazing artist to whom I owe my beautiful Blue Jay logo. She specializes in Calligraphy, but also does Logos, Print Media, Packaging and more! Her AlphaBirds creations depict individual bird illustrations paired with a letter of the alphabet corresponding to their common name. They are truly a thing of beauty!

If you’ve read much of my blog, you’ll know how much I love possums. We watch our wild possums daily on our outdoor webcam and they have become as much a part of my life as the birds that visit my backyard. The Opossum Society of the United States has an amazing website full of vital information about possums (also spelled opossums), to help people “understand possums, as well as protect and preserve” them. They are a non-profit, wildlife rehabilitation and educational organization located in Irvine, CA.

Gleam & Glimmer Glass Studio is located in the heart of downtown North Tonawanda (between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY- just a 15-20 minute drive from Fort Erie and/or Niagara Falls, Canada). Suzanne and her team have an amazing little shop filled with the prettiest items made of stained glass. She also teaches classes and runs workshops. I’ve taken three classes so far and made some really beautiful decorations for my gardens. I’m looking forward to taking some more classes once my schedule slows down.



This is Backyard Birdlady’s Instagram account where you can see lots of great photos and videos of the birds and wildlife that visit our yard, including possums, skunks, deer, raccoons and feral cats.

Visit Backyard Birdlady’s Pinterest boards where you can see things I’ve pinned from my own photos as well as pins I’ve saved from other people. It’s filled with many interesting and fantastic boards that everyone can enjoy.


I hope you found some of these both useful and interesting, and I look forward to finding out about your favorite links, both websites and YouTube channels. ~Karen

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