Backyard Birdlady Storefront

  • Bird Identification Quiz # 5 | Name This Bird - Here is the fifth in a series of quizzes to test your bird identification skills. Each picture highlights a different part of the bird, with a helpful clue along the way.
  • Happy New Year 2020 - Welcome, 2020! As I continue my education in Horticulture, my plans are to specialize in landscape design for small to medium yards.
  • Happy Thanksgiving- Morning visitor on Thanksgiving (Photo- Backyard Birdlady/ Karen Hance) Happy Thanksgiving | Thanksgiving Blessings - It’s Thanksgiving time in America! What are you thankful for? Thanksgiving in America is all about the 3 F’s… Family, Fun & Food! There was no shortage of that last night at our early...
  • Happy Halloween! (Photo- Backyard Birdlady/ Karen Hance) Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns | Happy Halloween - Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Fall is definitely in the air by the time Halloween arrives and sometimes a bit of winter here in the northeast USA. Dressing up...

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