Meet the Backyard Birdlady

Meet the Backyard Birdlady

Hello! I’m Karen and I’m the Backyard Birdlady. I live in Western NY, just outside of Buffalo. As you can imagine, it gets pretty cold here in the winter. We have spent many a cold day indoors watching our feathered friends from the warmth of our home. Many of the birds you will see featured on Backyard Birdlady will be common Birds of the Northeastern United States. However, I will also showcase Birds of the Southeastern United States, as someday I hope to leave the snow and cold weather of Buffalo and retire somewhere warm and sunny- maybe Florida, North Carolina or even Costa Rica.

I am the proud Mom of a handsome 16-year-old son. Zachary is a star bowler, both for North Tonawanda High School, as well as two leagues he bowls on outside of school. He has recently won two tournaments and has a host of others coming up. I got Zachary interested in birding at the tender age of 18 months old, with his very own, custom-made bird book. By the time he turned two years old, he could identify 24 different birds from his book. It’s never too early to introduce children to the wonderful world of backyard bird watching.

I love to Garden! Gardening goes hand in hand with bird watching because there are so many plants, flowers and trees, that will help you attract a wider variety of birds to your yard. Zachary helps me tend to our gardens, all 16 of them! One garden is strictly vegetables- there is nothing better than fresh veggies from the garden. The remaining 15 gardens are a mixture of trees, shrubs and flowers, both annuals and perennials. We even have a small pond that attracts a host of birds, as well as deer, frogs, raccoons and neighborhood cats.

I also have a passion for baking! I bake everything from cakes to cookies to breads and in-between. It is my hope to share some of my favorite recipes with you from time to time.

And lastly, I love backyard bird watching! We currently have 32 different types of birds that visit our yard regularly. We have 14 birdhouses with about half of them occupied during nesting season; they are usually filled with Sparrows, Chickadees and Wrens. We have multiple Woodpecker families that nest in the trees behind our yard. We keep 6-7 bird feeders filled at all times, and serve a variety of different foods. In addition to our pond, we have 3 birdbaths for both drinking and bathing. Water features are super important in attracting birds to your yard.

I look forward to getting to know you and hearing about your backyard birding adventures. Please share your stories and pictures.


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