Look What My Night-Vision Nest Cam Captured!

Look What My Night-Vision Nest Cam Captured!

While many people install outdoor cameras for security purposes, we placed our new night-vision Nest Cam Outdoor Camera in the backyard so we can watch the birds and wildlife that frequent our yard. What we saw will amaze you- it certainly did us!

We’ve had our Nest Cam for about three weeks now and I can’t believe we waited so long to get one. Installation was super easy- just plug it in, mount the camera and connect it to your Wi-Fi. We mounted ours to a post near our bird feeder so we can watch the birds and wild critters that eat the fallen birdseed.

Nest Cam mounted on post outside.
Nest Cam mounted on a post outside.

Once connected to the internet, the Nest Cam streams live video to your smartphone or computer in 1080p HD, 24/7 via a free app. Images are super clear- even at night. It records all movement and sends you an alert when it sees something- it can even tell a person from an animal or thing (for the most part). You can hear what’s going on and talk to whoever is out there. It has a 130-degree wide angle view so you can view quite a large area.


Without sounding like a commercial for the Nest Cam, I highly recommend installing one. Whether you are looking for added security or just want to watch the birds and wildlife in your yard, it’s definitely worth the investment.  You can create and share video clips, save clips to your phone or computer and screenshot images from live or pre-recorded videos. It records all day and night, rain or shine, so you can see everything that happened while you were at work or sleeping.

Below are some images and short video clips that we’ve recorded on our cam. We already knew that we had a groundhog, a skunk, a couple raccoons, multiple bunnies and a large possum calling our yard home, but we had no idea just how many critters actually visit us during the night or how often. We’ve since found out that we have two little possums, three skunks, and four raccoons. And, they visit all night long, mostly rotating shifts. They eat the fallen birdseed from above, and now we put peanuts and peanut butter out for them- they love it! We’ve even witnessed different critters playing with each other and dining together. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is to check the Nest Cam feed to see who visited us overnight. We’ve seen some truly amazing sights!


Little possum dining with skunk
Little possum dining with his skunk friend.


A posse of raccoons eating fallen birdseed.
A posse of raccoons eating fallen birdseed.


Beautiful raccoon at dusk.
Beautiful raccoon at dusk.



Brotherly Love.. Little possum hanging out with big brother.
Brotherly Love…. Baby possum hanging out with big brother.

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