Name This Bird | Bird Identification Quiz #1

Name This Bird | Bird Identification Quiz #1

Here’s a fun quiz to hone your bird identification skills. Can you Name This Bird from the pictures below? Each picture showcases a different part of the bird, and each picture has a clue to help you along the way.

The answer can be found at the bottom of the post along with some interesting facts about this bird that you may or may not already know. But please, no peaking! Good luck! 🙋🐦

Clue #1: This bird was almost named as the National Bird of the United States of America.

Whose tail is this?
Whose tail is this?

Clue #2: One lucky bird receives a Presidential pardon every year.

Does the wing help?
Does the wing help?

Clue #3: Many Americans eat this bird for dinner on the last Thursday in November.

Do you recognize these legs?
Do you recognize these legs?

Clue #4: These birds are one of the most popular game birds in North America.

Such an interesting head and neck.
Such an interesting head and neck.

How did you do? Did you guess correctly? Let me know in the comments if you figured it out from the pictures or if you used the clues as well?

If you guessed Wild Turkey, then you guessed correctly- Congratulations!

Male Wild Turkey
Male Wild Turkey in our backyard. (Photo- Karen Hance)

Did you know?

1) Turkeys are actually a type of pheasant.

2) Male turkeys are called Tom’s, females are called Hens, babies are called Poults and a group of turkeys is called a Raft.

3) Only Tom turkeys “gobble”. Their “gobble” can be heard up to 1 mile (1.6 km) away.

4) Mature turkeys have approximately 5000-6000 feathers.

5) The heaviest turkey weighed 86 pounds (39 kg).

6) Americans cook over 45 million turkeys on Thanksgiving Day.

7) Wild turkeys can fly 55 miles per hour (88.5 km/h) and run 25 miles per hour (40.2 km/h).

8) Wild turkeys sleep in trees at night to stay safe from predators.

9) Turkeys have a wing span of up to 6 feet.

10) Turkeys are omnivores. Their diet consists of seeds, berries, nuts, insects, acorns, snails, salamanders and small snakes.








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  1. There were wild turkeys living in the woods by my brother’s house near Boston. They can be very belligerent. They would attack people, but also hubcaps, maybe because of the reflection.

    1. We have quite a few all year long and usually they walk or run in the opposite direction when they see us. I have heard of turkeys attacking before though. Thanks for stopping by.

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