New Tools to Identify Backyard Birds and Critters

New Tools to Identify Backyard Birds and Critters

I am excited to be adding some fun and educational new tools to test your knowledge and help you identify the birds and critters that visit your yard.

Are you new to backyard bird watching? Can you name all of the birds and animals that visit your backyard? Do you have children or grandchildren that you can share your birding knowledge and adventures with?

With this new feature, you can look forward to a new section called Quizzes & Puzzles. Here you will find “Name That Bird” Quizzes, Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles, Trivia, Coloring Pages and more activities. They are meant to entertain as well as educate adults and children alike. Print out the coloring pages and sip your favorite beverage while you unwind, coloring actual bird photos from my yard and around town.

Thanks for stopping by and watch for the first quiz to appear soon. Happy Birding!


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  1. I’m looking forward to this. I’m excited to learn about the birds I encounter each day. I like your idea about quizzes and puzzles etc. I can share with the grandkids. We can all have fun doing it.

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